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Down Under Translation Limited is a niche provider of high-end German-to-English translations. Based in Wellington, New Zealand, we have been working with European clients, including a number of major corporations, since 2000.

We specialise in web and media content, marketing and advertising copy, PR and legal documentation. Our customers trust us to deliver texts that are grammatically correct, factually accurate and stylistically appropriate to the target audience. In a world where reputation is everything, they can rest assured that our translations are fit for publication and safe for distribution to external stakeholders.

DUT in New Zealand 

Contact: Felix Brandt
Tel. +64-4-801 0537

Level 9, 186 Willis Street
Wellington 6011

Current date & time:

24 Jan22:48

DUT in Switzerland 

Contact: Urs Imber
Tel. +41-41-712 2112

Aegeristrasse 27
CH-6300 Zug

Current date & time:

24 Jan10:48